Monday, May 17, 2010

The Outlaw (1989)

One of the Fred Lincoln's film starring Tori Welles, on top of this one I've watched Head Lock and Trouble. Among these three this one is certainly the most interesting, not because it is a great film (we're still in '89) but because it is the perfect vehicle for Tori Welles. The story is rather simple since it's a trio of bikers and their journey, simple but effective (but it doesn't last long). The film starts strong with our trio (the others being Eric Price and Scott Irish) who stops in the yard of a house for a threesome at the great displeasure (not that much) of the owner who looks the action trought the window (when the fun is over Tori knocks at the door to be paid for the show). Next step They stop to force a young couple to have a relationship outside of their camper (Todd Alexander, who plays the young man is not very impressive, I guess he has improved since his career ended in 2002). From there the script is  thrown away since the group moved into a house and stays there. The result is a series of sex scene after another that are either interesting (those with Tori Welles), too mechanical (those with Tami Monroe) or endless (Tami Monroe and Eric Price). As I said it's a vehicle for Tori Welles where we can see what a great star she was. Of course, like many I was one of her big fans. The sexual energy she exuded, her "I don't give a fuck" attitude, the way she dominated her partners and of course her bad girl side had everything to please the nineteen years old young man I was at the time. You can imagine the shock I had eight years after while watching The Private Diary of Tori Welles and noting how the drugs had destroyed what I like in her. But it looks like she is doing better now... Not a great as such but a required watching for any fans of Tori Welles.

This film is available through Adult DVD Marketplace for a very low price, so it isn't a really big risk to take.

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