Sunday, September 12, 2010

She's No Angel (1976)

Something more interesting this time: a one day wonder directed by Shaun Costello. In this movie Sharon Mitchell is a young 13 years old girl on the eve of receiving an inheritance of five million from her grandfather. This obviously does not please her stepmother (Marlene Willoughby) who wants the inheritance for herself. Luckily for her there is a clause in the will that specifies that the girl must be of sound mind at her fourteenth birthday. She will therefore try to make the girl institutionalized because she is a nymphomaniac. Does the doctor (Shaun Costello) will see clearly in her game or is the poor girl will end her days in an institution?
I've never fallen on a production of Shaun Costello I did not like and this film is no exception. As usual the story is well put in place even though the film lasts less than an hour (56 min) and one gets the impression of listening to a movie and not a series of unrelated sex scenes. What makes the film's strength is the interpretation of Shaun Costello (he is a great actor when he wants to be one) and Marlene Willoughby (she has some great lines in this film). The rest of the cast that includes Sharon Mitchell, Beth Anna, Alexandria Cass, David Christopher, Leo Lovemore and Ashley Moore provide adequate performances.
The film uses well the flashback technique to tell the events that will bring the decision on the institutionalization of the girl. Obviously everything is not perfect since it takes a lot of imagination to see Sharon Mitchell and  Beth Anna as two thirteen years old girls. But  it's the only criticism I can do and, in fact, it isn't really one as if the girls would have looked too young it would have been really unpleasant to watch. For those interested there is also a  double vaginal penetration scene in this movie (not that I find that really exciting to watch).
The film is available on DVD-R from Something Weird Video and in the more costly (but it's fifteen films) Shaun Costello Collection from Alpha Blue Archives.


  1. I'm always up for a Shaun Costello flick - there's always something interesting in there no matter what. Haven't seen this one - I'll check it out. (Can't afford that boxset though!)

  2. It's the big problem with the Alpha set considering they don't do a lot of restauration and they are a bordeline "bootleg operation".

    If you like Costello I hope you know that Pink Flamingo will release More than Sister from a theatrical print with a restauration job done by John Lyons (I'm sure you know him from AVmaniacs).