Friday, September 24, 2010

Sex Boat (1980)

As I already mentioned a few weeks ago I expected this month two new titles in the collection "L'âge d'or du X américain" publish by Wild Side Video and I got them yesterday. So without further ado the first title review.
 This is a production of Svetlana, so even before the movie started we can expect a fun movie filled with great looking girls. What will be the case since the distribution includes among others Cody Nicole, Nicole Black, Kandi Barbour, Little Oral Annie, Kelly Nichols, Sylvia Benedict and Loni Sanders. So the story takes place on a cruise ship reserved for a female clientele, which does not happen since two male passengers (Randy West and Turk Lyon) slip on the boat by disguising themselves as women (a scenario that Svetlana will use again four years later in the excellent Bad Girls III). There is also a plot regarding the abduction of a wealthy heiress (Sylvia Benedict), a pirate attack and an introduction that has nothing to do with the rest of the film.
Like most of the other films directed by Svetlana the scenario is not really important and is more a pretext to discover new talents (which I don't like usually, but with the films of Svetlana this is not the case). The interpretation is variable, but Randy West and Turk Lyon give a funny performance. The cinematography by João Fernandes is excellent which is not that surprising since he is one of the best director of photography  in the adult cinema with Larry Revene, Bruce Sparks and Garry Graver. This is not a film that I consider essential (especially at this price), but if you want something fun and enjoyable to watch this movie might interest you. It should be noted that once again the quality of the materials used for this DVD is excellent (as you can see in those screen captures).

This film is available at Amazon France.


  1. Wonderful! Are these subtitled or dubbed? Do you have the option of no subtitles and original english lang?

  2. The original english track and a french dub are included (even if I'm french I always listen the english one, the French had a tendency to go over the top when they dub an adult film). There are french subtitle that can't be removed on the dvd menu, but you can do it while the film play with your remote and if it doesn't work you can do it in the menu of your dvd reader (I ain't sure how, but you can check on the AV Maniacs forum someone explain how in the topic about Wild Side Video).

    The dvd also had a 20 minutes featurettes where Randy West, Kelly Nichols, Richard Pacheco, Bill Margold and John Leslie are interviewed.

    BTW, I'll try to watch 800 Fantasy Lane later today or tomorrow.