Monday, September 13, 2010

Dr. Bizarro (1983)

Tonight I chose a Phil Prince's film so you already know what to expect without even having seen the film. For those who don't know who is Phil Prince you just need to know that he was the principal director for Avon Productions in the early 80s and he has in his resume some classics like The Story of Prunella, The Taming of Rebecca, Kneel Before Me and Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure. Obviously these films are not for everyone since they are quite violent, but they usually have a story to follow (with the exception of Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure that make no sense). The one I selected this evening did not really have one,  it consists of three short scenarios intersected by the intervention of a doctor (Phil Prince) explaining the different cases.
The first case concerns a father (George Payne) who catch his daughter (Velvet Summers) and one of her friend (Ambrosia Fox) on the verge of a lesbian relationship who decide to discipline them. Of course the discipline involves both physical and sexual degradations. We are therefore entitled to a mixture of incest, ass slapping and evidently of verbal degradation since George Payne is present to be the "game master". This parts is the best one (and quite arousing) mostly due to George Payne, who excels in this type of role.
The second case is about the sadomasochistic games between a couple (Cheri Champagne and Alan Adrian) . There will be no surprises if I write that Alan Adrian is the masochist of our couple. This guy really has a high tolerance level. Watching a penis pinched with clothespins, slapped, beaten with a stick and  a pair of testicles slapped isn't what I might call the most enjoyable thing to watch on the screen (want it or not  we feel the pain). Everything is fine until an intruder (Big Randy Rod) make his entrance through a window and attacks the woman physically and verbally. It all ends with a rape which also involved her husband. Again this segment is quite successful thanks to the credible performance of the players, at least Cheri Champagne seems to be struggling against her attacker and not enjoying it.
The third and last act concerns a case of voyeurism that ends in verbal domination. Ken Yontz is the voyeur who will be dominated by his neighbor (Troy Scalpini). This part is uninteresting, rather boring and does certainly not compared with what preceded it.

As I already mentioned between each case we are entitled to the very non-politically correct comments of Dr. Laurence (but it's more fun to use his real name and to write Dr. Phil).

The version I own doesn't seem to be complete since the version included in the Avon Dynasty Box Set (1980's) countains four cases and not three, but the internet adult film database doesn't seem to agree on that.

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