Monday, September 27, 2010

800 Fantasy Lane (1979)

Second part of our Svetlana's double features this time with her first film. I must begin by saying that this film is rather different from what she will do later. Not that is has not its share of beautiful actresses (which is her forte), but the fact that the film contains a scene quite violent. So once again the scenario is rather simplistic, but effective. Vic (Jamie Gillis) and John (Sam Grady) two pump attendants pretend to be rich oil magnates seeking an office in Hollywood, using the services of Hollywood Star Realty, an agency whose employees will do anything for a sale.

I begin by mentioning since the question was posed to me several times that this is not the version originally presented in theaters, so the fisting scene between Desiree Cousteau and Serena is absent. That said it is a small disappointment since usually the dvds of Wild Side Video are uncut, but it's the only one I had.

If you're a fan of Jamie Gillis (who isn't?) you will certainly appreciate since he is present in the vast majority of the film and as usual his performance is flawless. If you have already watch this movie you know that the highlight of the film is the scene in the cage where Gillis sees himself as a trainer and he must tame Serena, Aubrey Nichols (with an awesome body painting job) and Lisa DeLeeuws. But for me it's the domination scene taking place in the basement of the Hollywood Hills Mansion that is the highlight. Probably one of the most successful I've seen thanks to the high complicity between Jamie Gillis and Serena (the fact that everything is done for real could displease some by cons). An excellent comedy with, in addition of the names already mentioned, Chris Anderson (her first film), Nancy Suiter, Hillary Summers, and Debi Gunter. Without forgetting the excellent cinematography works of Garry Graver, as you can see in the screenshots below.

 This film is available at Amazon France and countains an interesting interview featuring Jamie Gillis and Serena (she is always great looking).

Next releases in this collection in december with The ecstasy girls and Desires Within Young Girls.


  1. Thanks for the review Jimmy, do you know for a fact there was a fisting scene in this film? Sometimes there are mythical 'cut' scenes that never actually existed that get started as rumours on the net, so I'm wondering where you heard about the fisting scene.

  2. Yes I'm sure one exist. At least one movie expert had confirm to me that the scene was present on the beta release. If you look carefully the film you will see that a scene is repeated.

  3. There is a fisting scene. Had an old VHS copy of the movie and early in the movie when the two girls are in a room off the living room, there is an awesome fisting scene that is cut from later versions of the movie unfortunately. Many portions of the basement SM chamber scene are cut from newer versions too.