Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Skin Flicks (1978)

Another wonderful film by Gerard Damiano, but is it really so surprising? This film like A Rising Star that I mentioned last month is about the making of adults films and everything that surrounds the industry, it goes without saying that everything that is wrong with A Rising Star isn't here.
Harry (Tony Hudson), a film director has a lot of trouble with his latest production. He wants to do more than a fuck film what he wants is to produce a real film, but the problems and delays pile up. He can't find a satisfactory end to the great displeasure of Al (Gerard Damiano) its financial backer. But will he succeed in producing his work according to his vision or not?
While watching to the film one can't ignore the fact that Damiano tells his story and that he is Harry. The fact that he speaks knowingly gives a realistic version of what is the industry. The film starts strong with the audition of Ann (Heather Young) where Harry tells her that if she  decide to do the movie everyone will recognize her and her life will changed for the better or  the worse. It 's clear that it won't be an idealize vision of the industry. The emphasis is really put on the relationship between Harry, his agent (Beerbohn Tree) and Al. Relationships that become increasingly tense as the movie is delayed.

I can't say anything negative about this production who is certainly in  the top three of Gerard Damiano. The performance of Tony Hudson (his only film), Damiano (for once he does more than just a cameo), Sharon Mitchell and Beth Anna (for once she gives a good performance as an actress) are faultless. A moment is particularly disturbing, knowing what happened to Sharon Mitchell later in her life, when she is kidnapped and raped by a disturbed fan (Jamie Gillis). Another thing I noticed that makes a big difference with the eighties and nineties productions is the music used that gives a true value to the film. The distribution also includes among other Jill Monroe, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera and Robert Kerman.
This film highly recommanded is available on the Adult DVD Marketplace website.

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  1. I thought this was a quality film too - depressing, but good. I hadn't even made that connection with Sharon Mitchell's real-life trauma until you mentioned it. Weird.