Saturday, July 20, 2019

Never Enough (1971)

A criminal gang runs a successful and easy racket, they hitchike and rob any lucky driver who picked them after they are brought at their home for a sex session of course. It's rinse and repeat untill they do their trick to the wrong guy. See nothing complicated here...

Starlyn Simone and George Peters
Chris Wilson and an unknown actress
Adam Ward, Eve Orlon and another unknown actress
Rene Bond

As I say often you don't need much to do an enjoyable film... A convincing story as simple as it can be and a good cast do the trick more often than not. This is the case here, sure the story is repetitive but it works (no idea why anyone reviewing this film say that the girls are prostitutes and that Harry is a pimp, they aren't) and you have a great mix of known names and fresh faces for the casting. Sure it is cheap and was probably made in a day, but the film keeps us interested which is all that count in the end.

My version was a strange hybrid built with a softcore version, except for one scene, released by VCX and a fake widescreen version released by Alpha Blue Archives, I think, for the hardcore materials.

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