Thursday, July 11, 2019

Carnal Olympics (1983)

The Hollywood International magazine decide to run a contest to find who is the hotest young erotic starlet between Gail Sterling and Lynx Cannon. The prize for the winner is 50,000$ and 2,000$ for the runner up. Of course both of them agree and the contest is set and ready to go...

Gail Sterling
Lynx Cannon
Each of them is assigned a team mate (something that doesn't make sense to be honest) and the olympics are ready to begin.

The first event is to shoot the most erotic group sex scene... Second event is the seduction of a policeman (?)... Finally the last event is an outdoor orgy with a lot of guys

Just a small sample
Also they must fill each a bucket of cum but they don't take that part seriously since they waste a lot of liquid.

For some strange reason the film made by Carlos Tobalina are popular and sell well. To be honest most of his films are boring and look more like something created in an assembly line than a film, simply said an easilly forgettable product. This one isn't an exception from the weird casting choices (neither Gail Sterling or Lynx Cannon can be considered stars) to the bad cinematography to the annoying effects (laser sound and slow motion finish) and of course the fricking orgy.

At least Gail Sterling is a cute girl next door type, but this is another Carlos' stinker...

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