Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Lollipop Palace (1976)

First film made by Kirdy Stevens that he did uncredited. Obviously we are far from the Taboo series since that one is a low rate offering. The film show us one day in the operation of a maison close (the classy name we use in french for a brothel) runs by Dyanne Thorne (don't get that excited as she keep her clothes) and this is pretty much all there is to say.

Everything is shoot at one location and it's amateur hour... The film isn't particularly well shoot (be ready for a threesome with one of the worse DP ever seen on film) or edited.

Also Dyanne Thorne plays the madam doing a Mae West impression and, believe me, that become annoying fast.

VCX being VCX the DVD cover had nothing to do with the film... John Holmes is far from being the star of this and, obviously the models (the blonde is Rikki Blake I think) aren't in this film.

Tina, the new girl in town (Laura Bacalle)  
Dyanne Thorne
Susan Catherine and Rick Lutz
Turk Lyon and Bunny Savage

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