Friday, July 19, 2019

Diamond Doublecross (1972)

One of the six films included in The Lost Films Of Carmen Olivera collection release by Alpha Blue Archives. No idea if that film name is really Diamond Doublecross since there is no title card and that sound like a made up title. Also the film is from 1972 not 1971 as ABA said on the set cover (look the banner for the auto show it's in april 72).

13,14,15 and 16 april 1972 to be exact

The film start with Rick Cassidy in bed with his girlfriend (Carmen Olivera), he got a call to fix a rendez vous with someone who want to buy his stolen diamonds.

Rick Cassidy
Carmen Olivera
So they go at a car show to meet the guy... from there it's confusing since two random guys stop to help two women who can't start their car. They decide to go at an appartement near to left some time for the car's engine to get cold. You certainly know what's coming next... 

Annette Michael and, according to imdb, Ray Sebastian
Franklin Anthony and Nancy Martin

Finally after that we learn that both guys are the men who are buying the diamonds. So the quartet go the the rendez vous point, but there is a twist... the women are investigators tracking the diamonds!!

But wait there is more... the two men are double agents working on the case too!!!! You know that would be a good idea if the police chief would tell something like this to all the detectives involved in a case, but this is just me. While all this happen Rick arrive with his car, but doesn't stop since one of the woman is on the side of the road in shooting position. So it's car chase time and after a while Rick have a car accident (don't expect a big car stunt). Finally all end with an orgy and the police quartet decide to keep the diamonds and flee to Mexico.

Typical West Coast productions from that era, mostly an excuse to fill the screen with sex linking this with a tiny story. At least they shoot outside at more than one location and, as cheap as it could be, the car chase is a nice bonus. By the way all the event starting with the drive to the meeting point happen in the last 10 minutes.

Not essential, but there are worse movie from those years... at least Keith Erickson isn't in that film for a change 😄

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