Monday, July 8, 2019

Ape Over Love (1974)

Something obscure from the line who never stop giving obscure movies the Dragon Art Theatre Collection.

Our presentation start with a man (one shoot only Frank Ferder) ready to go to work, but his wife (Mary Stuart wearing a bad wig) is in a different mood. So you know what happen next...

You better like this tapestry on the wall because we will see it often

Since she isn't satisfied yet she call a dog walking service to send her a man to walk her dog, the plan is to do something else but the dog walker (Harry Reems) choose to do his job.

Not the easiest dog to walk since he try to attack people most of the time
The walk continue untill he reach the gorilla cage at the Central Park Zoo where he fantasizes about gorilla sex, so it's time to put the very cheap gorilla costume and have some fun.

To be honest, I expected man in a gorilla suit sex but since the costume is cheap we get a normal Harry Reems doing the deeds.

And this is pretty much it we switch between Harry Reems' gorilla fantasy and Mary Stuart day in bed. Not that it is a waste of time since we get Bree Anthony at the beginning of her career, some good footages of Central Park, some good and not so good music (Listening a pan flute version of Come Together is quite awfull for our ears) and of course the crazy antisocial dog reactions to the people arround. 

A balloon seller trying to charm Bree Anthony... wich I can easily understand

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