Friday, July 12, 2019

Nurses of the 407 (1982)

The movie is based on the TV show MASH, but don't ask me if it is or isn't a good adaptation since I've never watch a single episode. So the film is pretty much about the shenanigans of a group of military doctors and nurses during the Korean War.

There isn't much story but it's quite enjoyable and fun to watch. You get a real film feeling because the cast can act... you can't go wrong if you cast Paul Thomas, Jesie St. James or Joey Silvera and give them a lot of dialogue. This was also certainly made by a movie trained crew.

Miles ahead the flood of "This isn't this and that parody" we got some years ago... Highly recommanded.

Hershell Savage at the first step of the film running gag
Paul Thomas and Jesie St. James
Jon Martin
Joey Silvera and Kathleen Kristel
Tigr and Lynx Cannon

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