Friday, June 21, 2019

Easy Pick-up (1974)

First thing first, Easy Pick-up is a title made by SWV (there is no title card and they do that often) and it was certainly not made in 1974... going from the cast I'd say it is probably from 1972. 

Another cheap West Coast production shoot at one location, in theory two but the motel room is probably a room in the house. What makes it even worst is the fact that neither the sound recordist or the cameraman did a good job. Most of the time we hear nothing and more often than not the image isn't on focus.

The cast is ok, but nothing special as there are no real names in that one. Sure it's early seventies but few would know who are Tricia Opal, Maggie Matson or Kris Flanagan.

Again nothing special or memorable as there is hundreds of films like that who were made by film students in those days...

Just to please FB as they will pick the first picture for the preview and the bots don't like me much there.

Tricia Opal and Penny King.

Kris Flanagan.... yep his career was a short one.

Maggie Matson and Thad Watson.

Pete Fisher, just because I like that hat.

That one end with an orgy of six on one bed too...

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