Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Spark (2021)


Maggie (Maya Woulfe) a first year law student is single since a long time, she had pretty much decided to put all her efforts in her school work. Some day she decides to leave her roommate (Alexis Tae) to go live temporarily with her uncle (Bryn Pryor).

Bryn Pryor and Maya Woulfe

Maggie's uncle convinces her with some efforts that it's time for his niece to find love again. So he sets a profile for her on a dating app named Spark. At first she doesn't get how the app works and she doesn't understand why none of the guys she has targeted contact her... see the woman must reach the man on this app (it's a nice change). 

Maya Woulfe and Ryan Driller

She goes on a couple of dates, but none of them went as well as they seem since both men ghost her after the evening. It looks like Maggie's love life will never get any better...

Dante Colle

Will Maggie get lucky in love or will she stays lonely forever? We will find at the conclusion... I play the tease here and I won't say it...

Alexis Tae and Tommy Pistol

Since I have seen Maya Woulfe in Lesbian Revenge: A Touch of Envy I fell in love with her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes, as I have said before she is the best kept secret in the industry... seriously what the major companies are waiting for to give her real acting work? Spark is her first lead in a major production and she fulfills the task like a pro, the sensibility and shyness of her character doesn't look fake or forced. Same with Dante Colle who is an actor that I appreciate more and more since I have seen him first in A Killer on the Loose last year. I expected Tommy Pistol to be one of the date but he doesn't get the chance to act this time since he is there for a sex scene to open the film, but what a scene it was! I'm not a fan of anal sex but that one was really hot.

I just love that shot

This film is certainly the first modern adult production that give me a seventies vibe. The camera works is just perfect (the above picture is a good example of this), the piano score fits 100% with the mood, it is rather short for a modern film (94 minutes) so it never wore off its welcome and this isn't just sex scenes after sex scenes... in fact two of those are only oral. Casey Calvert really hit the target making a serious erotic film with this.

I jump the gun and got an account from Lust Cinema to watch this film and I'm sure glad to have done so. You certainly understand by this that the movie is at this time an exclusive at their streaming service, but it should be available on VOD sooner or later.

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