Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Girls Next Door (2019)


Evelyn and Viv Dyer, a single mother and her daughter are just moving in an apartment complex. They aren't what they seem to be, indeed they are scam artists: the mother (Mona Wales) seduces men and leave them financially dry.

Ryan Driller and Mona Wales

As soon as they unpack their boxes it's time to begin the scam prey hunting and Evelyn set her net on Bruce (Ryan Driller) a single father. She uses her seduction tricks on him but it's a dead end, he has no money since he did a bankruptcy following the death of his wife because of the medical bills.

Danni Rivers and Lucas Frost

For her part Viv isn't that interested to follow her mother step but she helps her by maintaining a database of the building residents and their financial situation. What Viv does is to fall in love with the son of Bruce which leads her to find that he has quite a lot of cash hidden.

Silvia Saige and Small Hands

Evelyn must work fast since an undercover cop happens to be the husband of the landlady and he is on her case as he became suspicious of her after she started flirting with him earlier. One day while checking her daughter database Evelyn discovers that Chris, Bruce's son, has a lot of money on hand... more than enough to be her next victim. Viv isn't please at all but there aren't much she can do against her mother. Will Evelyn succeed her scam or she will be out of luck this time with a detective on her trail? I won't say so you'll have to watch the film to know...

Shawn Alff and Mona Wales

This Jacky St. James production was quite enjoyable, the story is interesting and there is a couple of surprises here and there. Mona Wales is perfectly cast in the con artist role and she is certainly believable which is a good thing since the film wouldn't work if it wasn't the case. Lucas Frost is the other shining star in the film and we got the chance to see him act as a lover and a blackmailed victim. Silvia Saige and Small Hands even if they have less to do are fine too... in fact everybody do a good job acting wise. On the sex side nothing to complain about since we get four good scenes, two of them with Mona Wales. I like the ending since I didn't see it coming... but on the other hand I'm the guy who never find who is the killer when I watch a Giallo, so take this for what it worth.

You can buy the film on VOD and DVD pretty much everywhere, so your favorite online store should have it in stock. It certainly worth a watch...

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