Friday, July 23, 2021

Unrequited Realtor (2021)


Not a movie per se today but a scene, I haven't done a modern loop in a while and since I was in the mood for girls action why not check what's new on Girlsway...

Aiden Ashley and Jessica Ryan

Storywise this isn't really complicated like most Girlsway scene... Aiden is a realtor agent and she has some difficulty to sell the house she's suppose to, so to give her the motivation she need Jessica decides to use the sex method. Told you it wasn't the most elaborate story ever written.

Aiden Ashley

Obviously I didn't pick that one because I wanted to challenge my mind, I pick it because I wanted to watch hot girls lovemaking and this is what I got so I'm happy. Aiden is always great and it wasn't an exception here, Jessica Ryan was great too... but both of them are veterans in the industry so no surprise here. As girl/girl scene goes that was intense traditional lesbian action as I like just licking, fingering, no fucking anal and those long fingernails on Jessica is a bonus kink (think small knife play, seriously scratching can be arousing when it's done well). 

Jessica Ryan

Unfortunately I have two small critics about the scene: at one point we hear the director talk, come on Eli Cross isn't a newbie there is no reason for him to keep that in the final cut. But the major one is the camera works, I don't need non stop close up but I don't want to watch the sex as if I was in a different room, OK I'm over the top a little but the camera is sure far away at times. Even with those two problems the scene was quite enjoyable so don't let that deter you...

Aiden Ashley and Jessica Ryan

You can see the scene only on the Adult Time and Girlsway streaming service if you are a member as the scene is exclusive at this time.   

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