Saturday, July 10, 2021

Missing: a Lesbian Crime Story (2016)


Back in the Girlsway universe with a sequel to The Turning that I have already reviewed some months ago. In fact the first sequel to The Turning was Project Pandora but I'm not comfortable reviewing this one at this time for obvious reasons.

It took a year but the lesbian virus global pandemic was defeated and lesbian sex is now outlawed. Everything isn't fine yet since many young straight girls are missing and an organization called Mantis is responsible for this. 

Riley Reid and Kendra James

Anita Sharpe the President of AWAL, an anti-lesbian group who runs everything since the end of the pandemic, enlist Lara Bradford a disgraced journalist to help her find the truth about those kidnappings (to be honest she is responsible for Lara falling from grace) in exchange for an exclusive interview. Lara accept and she gives her all their folders about the woman disappearances.

Sara Luuv and Karlie Montana

Lara starts her investigation and she notices quickly that the police never searched the room of Cindy Allan one of the missing girl. She decides to visit the house of the Allan family to ask them the permission to research Cindy's bedroom in case she could find a clue. She sure find one... Cindy's diary in which she learns that Cindy is a lesbian something that doesn't fit the official story, by the way the diary is certainly hot judging by Lara's actions while she read.

Riley Reed and Reena Sky

Lara decides to not report this discovery to Anita and set her attention to a second case: Cassidy Klein, a young Christian woman who was kidnapped at her house after an evening in town. When she arrives at Cassidy's home she found no one except a weird woman who seems crazy. Sound like a waste of time, but in exchange for some sex she will talk to Lara and it sure wasn't a waste since the woman is more stable after. She reveals to Lara that Cassidy wasn't kidnapped but brought to a clinic by her own mother and more shocking Cassidy isn't a nice Christian girl but a lesbian.

Allie Haze

Since Lara now have the address of doctor Haze's clinic she decides to continue her investigation of the Cassidy case. They have a normal conversation for a while but Lara starts having vision of her girlfriend and that will lead to sex on the couch. At some point Lara put an end to it because she loves her girlfriend and all of sudden she enters the room. 

Karla Kush

Lara is in for the shock of her life... her girlfriend is an agent of Mantis, doctor Haze isn't a doctor but a Mantis agent and Cassidy is also a Mantis agent. Mantis isn't behind the abductions this is all fake news by the medias someone or something else is responsible. In Fact just like Halle White (Adriana Chechik) and Isadora Johnson (Cherie DeVille) Lara is an important asset which is why an agent was assigned to protect her.

August Ames, Kenna James and Kendra James

Some times after Lara returns at her home and someone had been there during her absence since everything is upside down. She panics, takes the phone and calls Anita Sharpe to ask her help. She tells her to came at her manor that she will protect her. Except that things aren't what they seem to be... Anita is the one who took the lesbian women to get their sexual essences. A process who turn the victim to a mindless sex slave until complete exhaustion.

Riley Reid and Kendra James

Lara goes to the mansion without fear since she trust Anita, but we know otherwise and Anita will drug her. She woke up naked in the basement surrounded by many naked girls and this is where the fight to capture Lara's essence begins and what a fight it was. A trio of Mantis agents show up at the end and save the day.

Adriana Chechik, Cherie DeVille and Bree Mills

That movie was to put it simply awesome! A superb story by Bree Mills from beginning to end... to be honest it wasn't that hard to find who was behind the kidnapping but the reason why was a surprise. Riley Reid, Kendra James, Karla Kush, Reena Sky and Allie Haze were all excellent in their role. If you are like me and love lesbian film you are in for a treat, there are so many great scenes in this... the seven women orgy at the end is something to see and the bathtub threesome is quite a highlight too. I miss that Girlsway phase of big series so much, I really hope that the end of the actual non-lesbian pandemic will bring this back in a near future. The only small critic I can do is about the length, the movie almost run four hours so the sex tend to drag a little bit sometimes but thank God it's a series format so you can watch it in two or more sitting.

Rest in peace angel!

The film is available via the Adult Time and Girlsway streaming service, you can also buy it on DVD or VOD at your usual store. But take note that you won't get the excellent behind the scene feature if you buy the series on VOD and the BTS really worth a watch.

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