Monday, July 5, 2021

40 Years Old, Comes to Life (2020)


A Marc Dorcel production but no need to worry about the language this time since it's an American project directed by Kay Brandt so it was done in english...  there is a french version available, but obviously it is dubbed so I went for the original version.

Kelly (Cherie DeVille) is a successful novel writer and she works on the third volumes of her trilogy starring Carson (Codey Steele).

Will Pounder and Cherie DeVille

Early in her writing process her boyfriend of the last six months (Will Pounder) has a bad news for her: the relation is over! She doesn't take it too well and she pass her frustration against the male gender on Carson the hero of her book, he was ready for a threesome with two lovely ladies but he becomes a spectator... at least for the beginning.

Codey Steele, India Summer and Emily Willis

Kelly isn't satisfied enough and she wants to become a lesbian like her sister (Elsa Jean) and she will come to visit her for some advice and too vent her frustrations. But before it's time for a girl/girl scene between her sister and her girlfriend (Shyla Jennings).

Shyla Jennings and Elsa Jean

Kelly come back home and she starts a conversation with the characters of her book. A conversation quite funny by the way and the end of that idea of becoming a lesbian since she creates a new character to be her fantasy.

Ramon Nomar and Cherie DeVille

After another threesome, Kelly decides that she should listen her reader and give them what they wanted: the return of two characters from her first book, Marco and Portia. She writes a sex scene for them that she cut in the first book and going from Marco cum shot it was about time. The end.

Jay Smooth and Vanessa Sky

That was fun and a little bit different than the usual production offered by Video Marc Dorcel. Kay Brandt who wrote and directed the film give us a good comedy and a good story from the woman point of view without being a feminist film. Cherie DeVille is very good in her role as where everyone else who had to act... Ramon Nomar accent isn't easy to understand (give me chance, accent are though for me) but since he was there mostly here to be a fantasy character he didn't have much to say. The sex is quite hot but sometimes a bit too long, at least for the scene between Emily Willis, India Summer and Codey Steele. But on the other hand we get a girls scene with Shyla Jennings so I can't complain that much. Also I'm almost sure that India Summer put an end to her career so it's one of her last movie. Finally the person isn't credited so I have no idea who did it, but Cherie DeVille wardrobes is one sexy outfit after another.

Emily Willis, Codey Steele and India Summer

You can get this film on streaming on the Marc Dorcel xillimite service in french or in english if you are a member. If you aren't you can buy the film on VOD at your usual store, just double check on the version you'll buy.

I certainly recommend the film, even if I think it could have been shorter... 


  1. I'm going to be legitimately sad if you're right about India Summer. She is truly amazing and I would hate to lose her, but all respect if she is just looking to move on entirely.

    I'm not sure about Dorcel, but I know a lot of productions now have the performers bring their own outfits unless it's a specialty shoot like a cheerleader thing or something. I know I've personally seen one of Jane Wilde's shirts a few times (at least once on her co-star to change things up a bit).

    1. I could be wrong but this is what I heard last year... the fact she locked her Twitter account and that she doesn't use Instagram or OnlyFans almost confirm it.