Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Social Media Influencer (2019)


A short one directed by MissaX today...

Scarlett and Shyla are two step sisters and Scarlett is a big time social media influencer, something that Shyla isn't. 

Scarlett Sage

Scarlett surfing on her fame is pretty much what you think those influencers are in real life: lazy, fake and not really likeable. So Shyla is stuck doing all the works around the house which don't make her too happy.

Shyla Jennings

Shyla gets the chance to knock her sister down a peg when she surprise her playing with herself watching lesbian porn in the shower. Scarlett fears that Shyla would make this public so she will do everything to keep her quiet and of course you know what this means...

Scarlett Sage and Shyla Jennings

A feature doesn't need to be long to be enjoyable and this one sure was. Even at 30 minutes you get all the ingredients necessary for a good film: a well-established story, good acting and a progression that make sense. I must say that Scarlett played the influencer as I imagine them in real life and Shyla was amazing as always. The girls scene is sexy and erotic, but Shyla's scenes usually are so no surprise here. By the way I love the winter scenery in the opening. The only downside could be the length for some people, but for me it isn't that big of a deal when something is good. 

Shyla again

You can stream the film on the AllHerLuv service if you are a member, if not you can buy the feature on VOD at your favorite online store (just wait for a sale if you don't want to pay the full suggested price).

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