Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Turning: A Lesbian Horror Story (2015)


Time for a feature and not a short one as we talk of a six parts series that is 4 hours 20 minutes long... so it's easily the longest film I have reviewed here. 

Halle (Adriana Chechik) is a young outcast girl living with a foster family and to make thing worse her foster sister is soon to be wed so everything revolve around the wife to be. But her foster mother (Dana Vespoli) decides to involves Halle in the wedding by taking care of the bachelorette party and the bitchy sister (Anikka Albrite) is sure not very happy with this.

Anikka Albrite

After hearing her complaining on the phone Halle has a breakdown and she calls a distress hotline, the woman on the other side of the line tells her to came at her office so she goes. They talk a while about her problems around a cup of blue tea and Freedom (Mercedes Carrera) propose some kind of healing process involving stone and more... more being of course sex. Without knowing Halle just became the first patient of an experience.

Adriana Chechik and Mercedes Carrera

The next day Halle is back home to announce her big plan for the bachelorette party... a wellness retreat (yeah this isn't the greatest party idea ever) and unsurprisingly Sarah hate the idea. Not that it's really matter since Halle isn't feeling well and Dana, her foster mother, put her in bed.

Dana Vespoli and Anikka Albrite

Later that night, Halle wake up, goes in the direction of Dana's bedroom and attack her... but the next day Halle just wake up in her bed as if it would have been only a dream. Now it's time to go at the retreat with Sarah and her friends. The moment they arrive a video is shown to her and the group is separated.

Bree Mills

Halle is brought in a room alone and we finally get the core of the plan... a virus transmitted via the blue tea turning every women to a lesbian. Now it's time to spread the infection!!!

Carter Cruise and Tara Morgan

First victims are Sarah's friends and next Sarah, but she is able to escape and she goes back at her home. Free at last you think? Oh no, this isn't safer back home and nothing will prevent the lesbian curse to spread.

Usually I avoid long film, not only long adult films but long one in general. This is where the separation into episodes shows all its importance... Normally if a film runs for hours it's because of the sex scenes and not because of the story, but in this case the story isn't neglected. By the way if you didn't get it the story is a mad doctor film literary about the "catching the gay" fear of the religious right. It's fun (nobody said that horror and fun can't go together), the story is original, the acting is very good... I knew already that Carter Cruise was a good actress having seen her before in High Heel Homicide but Adriana Chechik was amazing and if you like her you are in for a treat since she is part of all the sex scenes. Talking of the sex... God that was hot lesbian sex! Aggressive twosome, threesome and foursome with squirting everywhere (how do you think the virus can spread without the tea?).

Jelena Jensen

Obviously I highly recommend this one if you are into girls only cinema, normally I would say buy the VOD and of course you can, but the DVD come with a very good making of which make it a worthy addition for your disc library. Of course if you are a member of the Adult Time / Girlsway streaming service the making of is also available for your viewing pleasure...

It's sad that Girlsway doesn't do big production like this since the departure of Stills By Alan from the company.

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