Thursday, May 7, 2020

Skin Flicks (1978)

I have reviewed this one almost 10 years ago, so if you want to read the old review I did follow this link. What I want to do here is a visual upgrade since the film got a much better release from Vinegar Syndrome and since they have a sale coming soon why not showing how Damiano's masterpiece really looks like. 

So no recap and no review this time, just a serie of film captures to put this title on your "to buy list".

Herschel Savage, Colleen Anderson and Tony Hudson
Beerbohn Tree
Jamie Gillies and Sharon Mitchell
Jill Munroe
Gerard Damiano
Sharon Mitchell, again because I think this is the best shot scene in this film
Believe me on this... you must purchase this one, I haven't champion this film for years for no reasons. You have no excuse to not listen to me since the Halfway to black friday sale is coming in two weeks (unless you read this late of course). 

The movie is there and they have a ton of remastered classics, so give them some love.

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