Friday, May 29, 2020

Outlaw Ladies (1981)

An all-stars stuffed Henri Pachard's film following a group of different people. We know the formula since it's the Platinum Paradise or Foxtrot method of doing a film and when it's well done we are in for a good time. 

Henri Pachard cameo
In this film we follow the day of a group of women (Marlene Willoughby, Jody Maxwell, Juliet Anderson, Veronica Hart and Samantha Fox) and their husbands who are parts of some woman's day too.

Jody Maxwell
We start with Abbey (Juliet Anderson) visiting her friend Barbara (Jody Maxwell) after her husband (Bobby Astyr) leave for his work day. There is a young guy there waiting to serve her.

Next we meet Cassie (Marlene Willoughby) doing a professional photo shoot session, after while relaxing at home she receives the visit of a client since she is also a working girl on the side (come on maids don't come free) it what is without a single doubt the best part of the film. 

Bobby Astyr and Marlene Willoughby
Now it's Diedre (Veronica Hart) time to shine after she won a court case and what way to celebrate a victory than asking a friend to meet her at the office. Another great moment, I'm not much an anal sex guy but if they were all like this that would be different.

John Leslie and Veronica Hart
Her partner at the law firm who doesn't want to spend the evening alone either decide to go on a date with the office new secretary. After getting what he wanted, he will act like a jerk and fired her but don't worry she will have the last word later.

Robert Kerman and Merle Michaels
 Now we are back with Barbara who end the evening cruising the low rates bar. She and Evelyn (Samantha Fox) will end the day at the apartment of a random stud they picked at the bar.

Joey Silvera
As I told you a "vignette" film when it's well done it's highly enjoyable and indeed that one was great. Most reviewers will tell that it's one of the best Henri Pachard's film and they aren't wrong. The movie is not only filled with big stars who can act or well written but there is a great chemistry between all the performers. 

Samantha Fox
Very easy to recommend this film in which the women are the one in power, if you want to see how great was the New York scene was before the move to California and the shot on tape era this is the film for you.

Candida Royalle cameo
The VCA DVD is out of print but you can always get it from Adult DVD Marketplace or, since the DVD itself is the typical effortless VCA release, you can buy the film on video on demand

Honestly this film need a real quality release...

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