Thursday, May 14, 2020

I Am Riley (2019)

The documentary start well with Riley Reid talking about her personal life... her childhood, how she grew up, how and why she began her career and we get a little visit of her house.

After that talking the film became a serie of sex scenes with behind the scenes... now depending of your tastes your appreciation will vary, sadly I'm not that much into anal sex and since almost all the scenes involve back door actions one way or another the film didn't do much for me.

Izzy Lush and Riley Reid
After the first scene my interest went up since she talked about something she was directing and that was looking like an awesome idea for a feature, two girls wandering the streets in a car to lure men into sex to rob them. Just the scene preview looks great and well done, but a preview is all we get since it's just that. This is exclusive on her website so you can buy it there.

Next... fricking anal sex again. Thank God, we get something different after... kind of since it's a lesbian threesome with anal play, but the energy is good and lesbian anal sex if more tolerable (at least for me).

Angela White, Riley Reid and Katrina Jade
Next scene bring a transsexual to the mix, so that sounded cool. But sounding good and being good are two different things. The trans doesn't perform that well and I felt he would have been more at home with a guy.

Aubrey Kate, John Stagliano and Riley Reid
We end with a DP, who felt like it's a loop from DDF... mostly because of the accents since Roman Nomar is South American and Markus Dupree is Russian. Not my cup of tea but it was well done and I have seen worse than that.

Markus Dupree and Ramon Nomar
Obviously I didn't like this film that much, but Riley Reid is a good performer so if you like her this is a good showcase. The thing is that I'm much a film guy and website sex scenes aren't what I like, even more when there are so much anal sex. I bet watching it in one go was not a good idea, seriously 4h46 is way too long when everything is sex with a little bit of behind the scenes. Too bad because with more moments like the beginning it would have been more tolerable to watch.

Of course if you aren't like me you could like it, at least it's long enough to worth your money if you like "loops like collection.

I bought my copy from GameLink but I'm sure it's available everywhere else.

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