Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Debbie Does Dallas 2 (1981)

In the original Debbie and her friends were doing their best to earned money for her to able to go for a tryout for the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders squad, but sadly for Debbie it didn't worked at all since she was too young to make the team. So she's on the way to her aunt ranch and this is where we start our film.

Ron Hudd
Her new life doesn't start too well since she got herself arrested, not one but twice, and she will end that first day in Little John's jail cell. Luckily for her after a rough start in the jail she will find the way to get out and Little John will not only release her, but he will drive her at the ranch too. 

Bambi Woods
As soon as she arrives her aunt send her to take a bath and she will get some help to make sure she'll be clean everywhere. I'm sure you haven't forgot that Debbie is a little bit naive, so her aunt try to explain to her what type of ranch she runs (one hint, this isn't one with horses and cowboys) and she agree to take her only after one night where she'll see what happens at the ranch.

Ginger Jay
So for a while we go from room to room to see the encounters between the working girls and their clients.

Ashley Welles, the lesser known one
Now everything seems to go fine, but problems are coming... a group of football players are at the ranch after their coach forbade them to go there before their big game the following day. So he shown up with two officers to bring them back.

Sean Elliot, Ron Jeremy and Alan Adrian
It's time for the girls to help. Sissy will take care of the two officers while Debbie and Mary Lou will take care of the coach... yep even if she did only two movies Bambi Woods was unable to avoid Ron Jeremy.

Sean Elliot, Alan Adrian and Lisa B.
Lisa Cintrice and Bambi Woods
All of sudden Debbie is in the back of a truck with Robert Kerman for a little wink at the original film. Your guess is as good as mine but the film was probably all a dream, Debbie never went for the try out and she live with Mr. Greenfield. 

Of course this isn't as good as the original was but it is enjoyable. The big difference is that we don't get teased this time, remember how we had to wait until the end to finally see Debbie in action in the original this is sure not the case in this one. Also Bambi Woods doesn't have the same youthful look anymore, I could be wrong but I think she had some drinking problems during those years.

Jean Silver
The story is always fun and we get a good cast of East Coast actors, but not as many big names as the first one. But be warned, Bambi Woods acting didn't get any better in two years.

The VCA DVD is out of print, anyway it wasn't a great release, but you can buy or rent the film on video on demand.

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