Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Back In The Game (2020)


A vignettes film about rebounding relationship directed and written by Mike Quasar, so we know already that it's romantic and made for the couple market.

Derrick Pierce and Whitney Wright

After years of marriage Derrick is in the process of divorcing his wife. He is in a new relation with Whitney and everything goes well but... Whitney isn't sure if he really love her or if she is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem because he always talks of and talks with his ex-wife. Whitney breaks and Derrick goes in the living room to comfort and reassure Whitney that she is more than a rebound girl for him. A very good scene to start the film, well acted and passionate.

Kira Noir and Seth Gamble

Seth just started a relationship with Kira and they are very much in love but... Kira always takes pictures of them, so much so that Seth begins to find this selfie addiction suspicious. He does some research and realizes that she posts those pictures online to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Feeling like the second wheel Seth has a chat with Kira about his sentiments. She understands his reasoning and throw the phone telling him that she will stop. Once again this is a very good scene, well acted and romantic.

Bella Rolland and Lucas Frost

Bella is working on her computer when she gets a message, her boyfriend just dumb her by email. She decides to go on a date with Lucas, a friend of a friend of her brother. The date goes very well, so much that they end in the bed but when Bella tells Lucas that she loves him she starts freaking out. She fears that he is just the rebound guy for her and she doesn't to hurt him like she just got hurt. Lucas tells her that he is ready to take the risk. Another great scene, in fact the best of the quartet. As I said before I think that Bella Rolland is one of the most underrated star actually: she is beautiful, have a body to die for and she is a very good actress... why she doesn't get more important roles is a complete mystery to me.  

Tommy Pistol and Maya Kendrick

Maya was left by her boyfriend and Tommy who is her best friend tries the best he can to comfort her. They go take a drink to talk and we learn that Maya was the Brian's rebound girl. Later both of them return home, but Maya can't fall asleep and she decides to call Tommy who immediately runs to Maya. They talk again and Maya confess to Tommy that she loves him and wants to be with him. At first he isn't sure about this, but decides to go with the flow. Another great scene in which Tommy realizes the guy in the friend zone dream, well acted again and once again a beautiful romantic sex scene.

Bella Rolland

I strongly recommend this film since this is one of those rare vignettes film who is excellent from beginning to end. Everybody in the cast do a very good job, seriously all their emotions are believable. The camera works is fantastic and the script is quite enjoyable.  Say what you want but Mike Quasar is the master of the romantic couple film.

You can stream this film on the Wicked Pictures streaming service if you're a member, if not you can get the movie on DVD or VOD at the usual online store where you usually purchase your adult pictures.

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