Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Puppeteer (2018)

A crime drama directed by Jacky St. James following the investigation of a wealthy man (Steve Holmes) murder.

Steve Holmes
The case seems to be pretty much cut and dry, since the detective on the case (Logan Pierce) have an obvious suspect (Small Hands) who was doing a therapy with the victim's wife (India Summer) and was in love with her. In fact he wrote a complete journal about this and, of course, the police have it in their hands.

India Summer and Small Hands
According to him, she asked him to killed her husband because she didn't want her husband to put his hands on the money from a winning lottery ticket she had. The problem is that this ticket doesn't seem to exist and his probably a created alibi that he use to frame someone else.

Logan Pierce and Kristen Scott
Grace (Kristen Scott) who is the girlfriend of the case investigator is quite interested by the investigation and after talking works with him she decides to go meet Holly (Kenna James) the suspect's stepsister (they can't be brother and sister since it's a modern film and they share a sex scene).
Kenna James
During this meeting she reveals many facts, but all this is for nothing since she won't see the next day as she overdosed on drugs. To be honest she isn't the most reliable witness...

The film is far more complicated than that but I think I said enough, I don't want to spoil it for you.

This is another modern film that I highly recommend, in fact it plays a little bit like the erotic crime drama of the nineties but with hardcore sex of course. Since I have seen Kristen Scott before I expected a good performance from her and indeed it was the case, but surprisingly there are no weak links in the cast as everybody give good performances. It's well written and it could have been easily an R rated B-movie. In my book it's a 7 out of 10 which is quite good for a modern adult film.

The DVD come with a behind the scenes featurette but since I have bought the film on Video On Demand I can't say if it makes the physical release essential or not.

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