Thursday, April 30, 2020

Same Time Every Year (1981)

Finally it's the time for the annual convention weekend trip for Michael (Mike Ranger), Robert (Paul Thomas) and Jason (Michael Morrison). Of course there is no convention since that weekend is an occasion for them to live some adventures away from their wives. But what they don't know is that they aren't the only ones who take advantage of this weekend to have fun on the side.

Loni Sanders
It's a Fred Lincoln's film so you already know everything you need to know about the story...

Michael Morrison and Tiffany Clark
... so I don't need to write that long about it since it's mostly sex scenes after sex scenes.

Lynx Canon
Usually I don't really like that type of film, but this one is an exception. Why? Most of those scenes are short, greatly shot (João Fernandes is behind the camera), the editing is fast and, honestly, many scenes are fricking sexy.

Tiffany Clark and Blake Palmer
Phaery Burd
One of the best moment in the film is certainly when we get the reversal of what we are used to see, the man (Mike Ranger) do a striptease to aroused the women at the house he is at.

Kathy Harcourt and Coral Cie
Evidently I recommend this film since it's a great example of why Fred Lincoln was able to do the transition from film to shot on tape easily... at least he was hit less hard than many directors more talented from that era. As you have seen in the captures the film have a great cast (Holly McCall, China Leigh and Ron Jeremy are also part of it) and there are a lot of musical pieces that will made you say "where I heard that before?"

Paul Thomas and Lee Caroll
For this review I have used the Impulse DVD and it is the best release available of this movie. It looks great but for the price it's a basic DVD with zero extras. The film is also available via Video On Demand but it's not that version, it's the not so good looking ABA full frame sourced from a tape.

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