Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Summoning (2019)

Two couples of friend go to an old abandoned cabin in the woods for a weekend to hunt ghost (at least this is what the synopsis say), but this isn't exactly true... 

Abigail Mac, Seth Gamble, Gina Valentina and the fuck if I know since he is not credited
Ivy (Abigail Mac) and her boyfriend (Seth Gamble) real plan is to awake an old demonic entity via the sacrifice of their friends.

The first step... a demonic ritual
After a ritual involving incantations, symbols and, of course, sex at the demonic altar they wake up a demon... not one but two.

Romi Rain
Xander Corvus
As always things don't go as planed since the demons come to become immortals and kill everybody standing in their way. The uncredited guy is the first to go and Ivy is next. Luckily all hopes aren't gone for Nick and Regan, since she is a virgin they can invoke the virgin clause with the demons.

After a long group sex "fight" Nick and Regan win and the demons go back to hell... but did they really win?

Interesting mix of horror and hardcore sex, not that it is really scary but it was an enjoyable story to follow... even if we had seen it before. As usual with the modern films the sex scenes are way too long, the film is 2h32 long but I didn't use the fast forward function so I guess the length didn't hurt the film. Of course don't expect great special effects but the're fine for that type of film (to be honest I've seen worst in independent low budget horror movies.

The acting wasn't too bad, the sex felt natural for the story and the cinematography by Curious Judas is pretty good most of the time.

The film at the time of my writing isn't available on regular store yet, but if you are a Digital Playground member you can see it there. But I guess it will be widely available sometimes this month.

Film art, obviously I couldn't put it first since I link my reviews on FB 😉

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