Monday, December 23, 2019

Killer Wives (2019)

Francois Clousot's crime movie for Digital Playground, but be warned before we start... the film is out of order, they start with episode two in place of episode one. If you aren't familiar with Digital Playground they often do their films in episode since that make it easier to sell the scenes. Of course my recap will use the correct order.

We start with a phone conversation between Chrissy (Romi Rain) and her husband (Charles Dera) who judging by their house is a rich businessman. During that conversation we learned that Consuela their maid is nowhere to be found.

Romi Rain
When her husband came back she get in the bed for some love, when all is over and done someone knock at the door at the husband goes down to answer. Bad news, it's the cops who are there to arrest him for a financial fraud. But it isn't the worst news of the day for him... his wive take a policeman's gun and shoot him.

It isn't clear but I think she was cursed and filmed by Consuela
Flash forward one year later, Chrissy is out of jail after she was found not guilty of her husband murder for insanity. She came at her friend home for a visit and left her some chocolate bars that she started selling.

After some love sharing between Ali (Chanel Preston) and Poppi (Kaylani Lei) she left and Ali's husband come back home and start complaining because his dinner isn't ready. Bad idea since Ali took a bite of the chocolate bar that carried the curse and she put an end to his complaining.

Chanel Preston and her uncredited husband
At the same time at Poppi's home, her husband isn't happy because of her sexual relation with Ali but he got over it and they have hot anal sex. But after she found lipstick mark on her shirt neck, so he is caught cheating too.

Kaylani Lei
She takes a chocolate bar bite so you know what it means... direction shower to deal with the cheating husband.

Xander Corvus
Finally Mrs. Kane, the last girlfriend of Chrissy, get the chocolate when she takes back her purse from Poppi (btw the film have no role credit but the name sound like that to my ears) after the murder of her husband. She come back home and now it's time for incest with Hunter (kind of, since she's his stepmother) and a friend of Hunter who caught them join the fun too.

Bridgette B
Later she see her husband (Jack Vegas) eating, so she checks the fridge to find something to eat but it's empty except for a carrot (no what you think don't happen), so she takes a bite from the chocolate bar and you know what's coming...

Mrs. Kane get her revenge on the men of her life and it's the end, except for a final twist...

I don't think you'll be surprise if I tell you that it was written by a woman (Camy-Sue Van Ark) since it's an "abused" women revenge film. It was quite enjoyable, even with the unforgivable chapter mix up. The story runs well and there is a good variety in the sex department.

You can get it at the usual stores online... I recommend to buy it by scenes because of the DVD faulty order.

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