Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Pornography in New York (1972)

This documentary made by Beau Buchanan is more about the New York sex industry than the early New York porn industry. The film consist mostly of interviews some real and some not so much. It was produce by Leonard Kirtman but don't worry it's better than his film...

The first interview is with a couple who does adult films (but they probably meant loops). So at least this part is about the New York pornographic film industry. 

After we get the homosexual / lesbian segment in two separate parts... Firstly, an interview with Casey Donovan and some other guy I don't know since this isn't really my area of "expertise" and, secondly, an interview with a lesbian couple.

Barbara Grumet
As I said it's about the sex industry so we get segments about an adult bookstore, a massage parlor, a place where men goes to body paint women, a sex shop, a S&M dungeon (kind of, it isn't that shocking)

Looks like Kirtman didn't have the budget to hire another actress since it's Barbara Grumet again

Of course Leonard Kirtman was unable to resist doing some self promotion so he put trailers of three of his film in the documentary. Two of them, Sweet Taste of Joy and Dixie, are softcore and don't look that interesting but there is one for Pornography in Hollywood who sounds more interesting but that Carlos Tobalina's movie is nowhere to be found.

Not exactly what I expected and to be honest I have seen much better film on the same subject made in the early seventies, so nothing to call home about but it's short and some segments are interesting.

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