Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ten Little Maidens (1985)

A young couple get a pair of tickets in the mail for a weekend all expenses paid for a weekend orgy at an isolated island resort. Six other individuals, eight if we count the house helps, got the same invitations and little that they know it's an invitation with a price... their lives.

But who wants them dead? Is it their mysterious host? Is it one of the guest?

Harry Reems and Ginger Lynn
As you can see it is an adult adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel Ten Little Niggers or And Then There Were None and the point is find who is the killer and since it's a locked room situation everybody is a possible suspect.

Nina Hartley
Jamie Gillis
Of course I can't say much about the film since a movie like this is very easy to spoil, but I can say that it have one of the greatest orgy scene I have seen... there a lot of food play for sure.

After the dinner orgy a tape is played and this is when the weekend guests learn about the death plan and where we will see the first of the ten dying.

Paul Thomas and Amber Lynn
After we will see each of them die one after the other until the end when the killer identity is discover.

Richard Pacheco
It was an enjoyable watch and it isn't different than most film in the murder / mystery genre, if we forget the sex of course. Talking of sex... a lot of the actions was great and different, if you like food play you'll love this one.

Eric Edwards
Too bad there isn't a real DVD release of this film, for some unknown reasons Excalibur Films who is the owner of the movie only distribute this film on DVD-R, because this is a great classic worthy of being rediscover.

Great cast, good location, good story and nice cinematography... but that song is sure awful, God that anonymous singer voice is bad.

Lisa De Leeuw
Japanese theatrical poster

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