Friday, May 7, 2010

MisBehavin' (1978)

I own this movie for a while, but as I do often I forgot it after placing it with my many unwatched movies. As luck would have it I recently saw its trailer on another DVD and it reminded me that I have this movie. The premise of this film is a bet between the devil (Dick Gallan) and an angel (Kurt Mann), which is whether Rita (Leslie Bovee) will choose between love or money for her upcoming marriage. This film has all the ingredients that I like when I watch a production for adults: an excellent script that fully integrates the sex scenes with the story, characters who talk directly to the viewers, many funny moments, great artistic performances  and an unpredictable story. In addition to the names already mentioned the cast include among others Gloria Leonard (Rita's best friend), Sonny Landham, Eric Edwards, Arcadia Lake (she has never been more lovelly that she is in this film), Mark Valentine (a rejected lover who is one of the running gag), Molly Malone (the second running gag) and Eric Stanhope (the presenter in Rollerbabies who plays a rich suitor).  As usual an excellent production of Chuck Vincent that I highly recommend. What will be the choice of Rita? The Love or the money? Do not count on me to reveal it.You will have to watch the film to discover her choice and the bet winner...

This film is available through the website of Video-X-Pix in a standart dvd version only and you have no idea how I would like to see a Platinum Edition of this film.


  1. Don't forget Jack Wrangler! I love his scene in this film. Smoking hot.

  2. This one sounds like a winner. I have placed in my rental line up based on your recommendation.

  3. I'm sure you will like it. Let us know your comment when you will watch it.