Monday, May 3, 2010

Here Comes the Bride (1978)

Tom (David Morris) and Rhonda (Samantha Fox) who just got married recall themselves some personal memories of their courtship. That does not sound very original on paper (or rather on the screen), but there is a single small detail in their relationship: Rhonda was a virgin and wanted to remain one until their marriage. Of course she is no more a virgin that I am an Ivorians, but this is what she will make Tom believe at their first encounters. It becomes interesting from this point to pass from the offended virgin games to the less virginal games. An encounter at the drive-in with a perfect stranger (Joey Silvera) after she had just rejected the advances of her boyfriend is particularly successful with a mixture of the two lovers scenes (Tom masturbating in the car and Rhonda giving a blow job at the unknown man). It is therefore a movie rather enjoyable if you ignore the orgy that takes place during the bridal shower scene (I find these scenes rarely erotic, too many people to stay focused). The most amusing is the fact that Tom will never know that Rhonda is no longer and never was a virgin (naive enough of him to not notice the lack of resistance during their wedding night). The film has an interesting distribution in the supporting roles with Clea Carson, Heather Young, Paula Morton, Roger Caine and David Christopher, among others. Without forgetting a soundtrack filled with some great disco music.

This movie is available through the website of Excalibur Films among others place.

One last thing : David Morris really looks like the twin brother of Tony Danza. Of course he isn't don't start any rumours...

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