Tuesday, May 11, 2010

People (1978)

Everytime that I write about a film by Gerard Damiano I feel like repeating myself, but it is depressing to know that the first film that most casual viewer associate with him is Deep Throat. He had done so much better than this poor comedy and this film is a perfect example of this. It follows more or less the concept he used the previous year with Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip that I've reviewed last month. What I mean is that the movie uses a series of short story (six in all) to illustrate the concept of true love between real people. It is obvious that with six stories making up a 74 minute film some might think it's too short. I can assure you that it isn't the case at all (in fact how many times have I read that the scenes in modern movies are endless?). Of course some are short, but they capture perfectly the story they present (Goodbye the second story is a  good example of this, but this story is the most erotic and sensual of this film). To demonstrate a greater sense of reality some stories don't even show a cum shot as it happens internally as it does in real life. Of course it is possible that some could see this as an heresy but it isn't my case at all. This film also benefits from a perfect cinematography due to the work of João Fernandes (the regular director of photography of Damiano) and James McCalmont who did the same work for Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip. The film also use a very great instrumental score who brings a lot to the erotic mood. The cast include Serena, Jamie Gillies, Christie Ford (one of the most underated actresses of this era), Robert Kerman, Eric Edwards, Kasey Rodgers, Kelly Green, Samantha Fox, Gerard Damiano (for a real role this time not just a short cameo), Heather Young, Bobby Astyr and many others. I rate this film easily equal to Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip if not better.

Not my habit but I add some capture from the movie.

This film is a production of Video-X-Pix and as usual you can get it through their website.

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