Monday, November 2, 2020

Kristen Scott's Skip Day (2017)


After a short break what's better than coming back with another movie starring Kristen Scott... You already know how I love her and yes I have many of her movies waiting to be reviewed, but today I have decided to go for one showing her acting talent.

If you didn't guess it already this film is an adult version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off with a more tolerable lead character. So time for the recap...

Today is Kristen's birthday and one thing for sure she have no intention of celebrating the event at school. She have a plan and it all starts with faking being sick so her mother will call the school to report that Kristen will be absent.

Kristen Scott and Jaclyn Taylor

Of course it worked and now it's time to go with the eighteen birthdays celebration. The first step is to contact her BFF (Melissa Moore) to pick her up, but she's hard to reach since she's busy with a Spanish lady. After many attempts Melissa finally answer her cellular and she will have half an hour with her Spanish friend to have some fun before picking up Kristen.

Veronica Rodriguez and Melissa Moore

It took them more than 30 minutes and Kristen got tired of waiting since she have a schedule to keep, so she shows up at Melissa's parent house to bring the day on track.


Veronica leaves and now it's time to get Kristen's girlfriend out of school too since she wants to celebrate the day with her obviously. Melissa calls the school principal office to ask for her stepdaughter to be let out of school for the day, the principal (Stills By Alan) suspect that it's Kristen on the phone but after a while she calls the office to fools him. It works and now Kristen must go at the school to pick her girlfriend and to do so she will borrow Veronica's father car.

This isn't a Ferrari, but an Acura NSX who is a cool car too

 Since they have the car why not take the opportunity to use it a little. They go at Kimmy's house for a special birthday gift, something that sure displease Melissa but what can she do about it...

Kimmy Granger and Kristen Scott

After receiving her gift it's time to return the car and end the celebration with a bang! A three way between Kristen, her girlfriend and her best friend.

When it's over Kristen must run fast to her home before her mother come back from work and catch her, of course she arrives just in time to protect the charade... The end.

This is how an adult version of a mainstream should be done in my book, make your own film with the original and not using it as an excuse to show endless sex scenes cut by very short narrative scenes. Of course the film works because, let be honest here, Kristen character isn't a selfish douchebag like Ferris was in the original. Once again Kristen Scott performance is amazing, when she does her breaking the fourth wall moments this is quite funny and she sure had quite a sexual energy to make the sex believable (nothing more boring than someone just going with the motion, just watch a Lucie Wilde scene to understand what I mean). The chemistry between everybody is amazing and you see that they had a great time doing the film.

Obviously I recommend this film, even more if you are in my age group and you saw the original when you were a teenager, and I watched the VOD available from GameLink. If you get it on DVD you'll get some extras (behind the scene, trailers and a pictures gallery).

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