Friday, November 6, 2020

Christine's Secret (1984)

Obviously I am not the target audience for the Candida Royalle's productions, they were done for the women and couple market. But that doesn't mean that I couldn't enjoy them since I have appreciated Three Daughters when I have watched it.

As story goes there aren't much here... Christine (Carol Cross) goes every years at the Love's Inn run by Marilyn (Chelsea Blake) and Phil (George Payne) for her summer vacation.

Carol Cross
while she settles in her room she saw a man in the front building window looking at her and she will day dreaming about him during her stay (according to the film credits he is the caretaker of the place so I suppose she doesn't see him for the first time). In the meantime the other guests keep themselves busy...

Joey Silvera and Taija Rae

Frank Serrone and Marita Ekberg
At the end Christina and the caretaker will met each other and fulfill their desire...

Carol Cross and Jake West
I wouldn't call this one a great film, not because of the way the sex is shot or the lack of the usual scene ending (I can use my imagination and do as if everybody come internally like any other people having sex in real life) I can live with this since the film is supposed to be more erotic than hardcore. The problem for me is the lack of a real story (people are somewhere and have sex isn't what I call a story) and the incredibly annoying music, but on the other hand I love the location where that film was shot.

Nothing special, but you can give it a try and rent it... we never know maybe your wife will enjoy watching the film with you.

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