Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Path to Forgiveness (2020)


Entry number two in my AVN Awards week, this time it's a drama directed by Whitney Wright...

Hayley (Cadence Lux) is on the way to see a concert with her girlfriend (Kira Noir), but at one point her mother (London River) make a stop and a bad surprise is coming for Hayley. Indeed, her mother brought her to a conversion therapy program for lesbians. The therapy is strict and the house is ruled with an iron fist by Mother Sarah (Joanna Angel).

Cadence Lux and Kira Noir

It will be a hard time for Hayley, even more when she will tell about a night time indiscretion between one counselor and a girl in therapy. When she learns that Hayley talks with Mother Sarah, it's payback time and the revenge will happen with the help of Jordan, Hayley's girlfriend, who works with the center bringing lesbians for the therapy. After being caught she is sent to the hole (an isolation cell), it won't be a happy time but she will finally get the help she needs to escape the center.

Joanna Angel
Whitney Wright slowly but surely is on the way to do the perfect transition between acting and directing, she already did some good films but she finally get the respect this year with a Best Directing Award nomination. She not only directed the film but she wrote it too.

Scarlett Sage
I like the variety of genres that exist in the adult cinema, contrary to what so many believe it isn't just scenes compilation and many films are better than many B movies. This drama is perfect example of a film well done...
Daisy Taylor

The story is interesting, original and sad at times since we know that conversion center like this exist in real life. Both Cadence Lux and Joanna Angel give a great acting performance in the production. The sex is quite good, surprisingly the last scene is my favorite because of its romanticism and the way it was shoot (that fetish sure isn't one of mine but a good scene is a good scene) and the rough one between Joanna Angel and Kenzie Reeves wasn't bad either.

Whitney Wright
Obviously I recommend this one and you can get it as usual as usual from Gamelink or the AllHerLuv streaming service.

Nominations for the AVN Awards 2021

Nominee: Best Directing - Drama, Whitney Wright
Nominee: Best Art Direction
Nominee: Best Transgender One-on-One Sex Scene, Cadence Lux, Daisy Taylor
Nominee: Best Supporting Actress, Joanna Angel
Nominee: Best Editing
Nominee: Best Non-Sex Performance, London River
Nominee: Grand Reel

To be honest I can't understand why London River get that nomination... this is one of those AVN mysteries...

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