Saturday, September 18, 2021

Under the Veil - Act Two (2021)


And now the second part of the Ricky Greenwood latest production for MissaX, you can read my review of the first act here.

Steve Holmes

The controversy from Sister Charlotte's book is far from being over and the diocese Cardinal is at the Convent to talk with Sister Helena. What he wants is her support for the excommunication of Sister Charlotte from the Church and he wants Sister Helena and her Convent to denounce her too. She is hesitant but while they talk Father Tommy interrupt and at some point the Cardinal leaves with him.

Tommy Pistol

The Cardinal asks for his help to convince Sister Helena using as a carrot a nomination at an Archbishop post. This is when he asks the Cardinal if this is true that an Archbishop can bring a Nun to sexual retreat. It is indeed true and the Cardinal shows him that he can do whatever he wants with whoever nun he choose. The Father just sit quietly while all this happen

Anny Aurora

Finally the Cardinal and the Church get what they wanted since Sister Charlotte is excommunicated. She came back at the Convent as a civilian later to take back some of her personal belongings she left there and try to convince Sister Kenna to flee with her.

Kenna James and Charlotte Stokely

But Sister Helena interrupt their discussion and orders sister Kenna to leave. Charlotte and her stay alone to talk and let just say that it doesn't turn well for Charlotte.

Helena Locke and Aiden Ashley

Charlotte is missing and Aiden her agent being worried by this fact goes at the Convent to talk with Sister Helena. She tells her that she probably leave with another woman and just used Aiden... but did she?

Charlotte Stokely

Of course not... she is kept prisoner at the Convent by Sister Helena who wants to cure her from her heresy. Instead of rebelling Charlotte praise Sister Helena and slowly but surely another awesome lesbian scene began.

Kenna James

This episode was as good as the previous one and continue the story progression quite well, it's obvious that Sister Kenna will become an important player in that story soon... she knows everything and it looks like her and Father Tommy are closer than it seems. I must give a special thumb up to Steve Holmes, he sure made the Cardinal feels like a creep and disgusting individual. Also I notice a little detail probably trivial and insignificant but Sister Helena is the only religious person who did remove her cross for her sexual interaction.

Can't wait to watch part three tomorrow!

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