Sunday, September 26, 2021

Get In (2021)


MixedX is an East European label I have discover recently that, at the best of my knowledge, only do scenes. The thing I have appreciated watching my first scene from the label is that contrary to many labels from that region they respect the girls (come on you won't never change my mind that Legal Porno is a garbage label who wouldn't stay in business more than a month here in North America). So I have decided to review their most recent one.

Romy Indy

The premises isn't that complicated since the scene is 28 minutes long. A woman (Romy Indy) after seeing the website of an hypnotherapist (Amirah Adara) online takes an appointment with her for a consultation. They talk for a while and the therapist slowly hypnotize her...

Amirah Adara

Romy is shock when the therapist tells her that she knows that she is a lesbian... by the way she is the sister of Romy's boyfriend. The seance continue and at some point Romy is paralyzed so she can't move, but she won't stay like this for long and when she regains control of her body it's time for girls actions.

Amirah Adara and Romy Indy

Like I said this is rather short so I don't have much to say in my recap, to be honest subtitles would have been useful since the accents make it hard to understand for a non-native english speaker. On the other hand this is a very erotic scene that doesn't go over the top, from the kissing at the start until the end everything is very romantic and felt genuine... I have surely appreciated the foot fetishism moment. My only real complaint is the length, 28 minutes is too short for a scene.

Romy Indy and Amirah Adara

The scene is only available from the MixedX website or on Adult Time since the label is part of their network. Sure worth a watch if only to show that East European porn isn't all garbage like Legal Porno freak show or what Rocco Siffredi produces in Hungary.

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