Friday, September 17, 2021

Under the Veil - Act One (2021)


First act of a nunsploitation epic, Ricky Greenwood isn't new to this genre since he already did Confessions of a Sinful Nun 1 and 2 for Sweetheart Video who were both amazing some years ago. 

In this episode we are introduce to the characters that we will follow in this story. Tommy (Tommy Pistol) a priest conflicting with his faith, Mother Superior (Helena Locke) who runs the monastery with an iron fist, Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely) who just wrote a book that didn't pleased the Church and Sister Kenna (Kenna James) a young nun in training.

Tommy Pistol

We quickly see that Sister Kenna is still conflicted when Mother Superior catch her masturbating while praying at the altar. She's ready to beat the hell out of her but Father Tommy intervene and save her... at least for this time.   

Ashley Lane and Dante Colle

Later that day Father Tommy is performing the wedding ceremony of a young couple, following the marriage the couple has a special request for the priest: they want him to stay and pray for them while consuming their union to improve their chances to have a child which was a tradition centuries ago. They have their fun and the young wife start tempting the father, she plays with his dick but he leave abruptly. 

Helena Locke

The priest is at the altar self-flagellating as a way to punish himself for having almost succumbed to the desires of the flesh. Sister Kenna try to understand why he does this, but when Tommy is on the verge to tell her Mother Superior intervene chasing Sister Kenna and takes the flagellation process over.

Aiden Ashley and Charlotte Stokely

The episode concludes with a discussion between Sister Charlotte and her literary agent (Aiden Ashley) who wants to set more dates for her book tour. Charlotte isn't sure she will be able to liberate herself from the convent for a long period. They talk for a little while before succumbing to their sapphic desires. 

Kenna James

That first episode was just perfect and sure set the tone for another Ricky Greenwood's home run. The casting is top notch... Tommy Pistol will certainly get a best actor nomination for his role, Charlotte Stokely is already in known territory, Helena Locke is sure convincing as the strict ruler of the Convent and we have Aiden Ashley in another amazingly hot performance. Seriously the scene between her and Charlotte steal the show, the chemistry between the two actresses is terrific so we get a breathtaking girls scene to conclude the act. I must add that the set designing by Kylie Ireland is incredible, just like Matt Holder's cinematography and the script by Maddy Barton and Shawn Alff.

Aiden Ashley

Can't wait to see the following episodes of that serious contender for the movie of the year award.

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