Monday, September 20, 2021

Under the Veil - Act Three (2021)


It's time for the middle act of the Under the Veil saga, you can read my review of the first act here and my review of the second act here.

Kenna James

The act starts with Sister Helena praying, prayers interrupted when Sister Kenna enters the room. Sister Helena asks her what she learned from Charlotte about the pleasure of the flesh, it turns out that she learned nothing and always a virgin. Sister Helena tells her about the vestal virgins and reveals that she will be chosen by Father Tommy when he will be nominated as an Archbishop. She offers to teach Sister Kenna how to fulfill the Father desires and tells her to meet her later that day.

Tommy Pistol and Helena Locke

When Sister Kenna comes at the rendez vous later, Sister Helena once again whips Father Tommy but she takes a break to do Sister Kenna education. All this is front of Tommy which sure sound like a torture for him considering his fight against his sexual desires.

Charlotte Stokely

Some days later while doing her chores Sister Kenna hears a noise coming from upstairs and decides to go investigate. She is shock when she finds Charlotte locked and injured in a back room, she offers Charlotte her help to escape but the prisoner wants it for something else. She wants that Sister Kenna type her second book and give the script to her agent Aiden. 

Helena Locke

As the days go by Sister Kenna continue her training with Sister Helena and her writing for Charlotte until one night where she decides to drug Sister Helena. The first she does after the Mother Superior falls asleep is to talk with Father Tommy, next she goes at Charlotte cell to comfort her. Of course this will turn as a very sensual and erotic lesbian scene.

Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James

As I expected at the end of the second act Sister Kenna is more important in the story and she is the central character of this part... which is certainly nice if you're a fan. This is again a good episode who almost reveal the past of Sister Helena who is certainly not like she is for no reasons. Once again Father Tommy is only tortured, I sure hope the poor guy will get some actions later after all the beating he received. The acting was again perfect and if you are into lesbian sex this is the episode for you... bonus point for the last scene between Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James who is highly erotic. Special shout out to Alexxx Moon who was a contestant in the Face Off reality show for her make-up work on Charlotte Stokely... obviously Alexxx Moon is an alias but I have a good idea of who she is. 

Tomorrow act four...

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