Monday, September 20, 2021

Under the Veil - Act Four (2021)


Film penultimate episode and this one is shorter than the previous three, 35 minutes compare to a little more than one hour for the other ones.

Tommy Pistol

Finally Father Tommy shows that he won't accept everything when he refuses that Sister Helena restrains him after interrupting his prayers, even better he tells her to get out of his room. Sister Helena accuse Sister Kenna to corrupting him but he denies it.

Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James

Meanwhile Charlotte continues to dictate her second book to Sister Kenna and she has quite a big revelation for her... no I won't spoil it like some dummy did in his review at the MissaX website.

Helena Locke, Lilly Bell, Jane Wilde, Anny Aurora and Steve Holmes

Back at the Church Father Tommy learns that he will be nominated as a new Archbishop, but there is a small problem... he must forget about Sister Kenna, she won't be his Vestal Virgin. Because of this he says that he won't accept the nomination, but the Cardinal send Sister Lilly and Sister Jane to charm him. At first he tries to resist but after a while he reluctantly succumb to the carnal pleasures. The episode ends with a discussion between Sister Helena and the Cardinal Holmes about the faith of Sister Kenna.

Helena Locke

Since the episode is shorter there is less story development. In fact the threesome between Tommy, Lilly and Jane is the core of this act... but finally Father Tommy receives something more enjoyable than a flogging. Not that nothing else happens since there is a huge revelation about Sister Kenna. Also great job at hiding Tommy and Jane tattoos as that would be out of place considering the era of this story.

The last episode isn't available yet but it should be release this week... one thing for sure I can't wait to see how the film will end.

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