Thursday, February 13, 2020

Juice (1973)

Something obscure from the early seventies made at New York, as much as I have searched I haven't found an entry for this one on the Internet adult film database.

We follow a French girl who is sexually frustrated, indeed she can only reach her pleasure playing with herself as she can't find a man able to satisfied her need.

The first place she goes to get help is a psychiatrist, but that will go nowhere since he is busy doing another activity while he does the consultation.

Guy Thomas
Next she goes meet a priest or at least some kind of cult leader. He practices an exorcism on her, but the ritual fail, and she is kicked out of the Church.

While she is on the way home she plays a Frisbee throwing game with a guy she met at the park (or maybe it is just a dream, this isn't evident). The game ends with some oral actions, but she isn't satisfied. Back at her apartment complex she decides to go meet her friend, and she takes part in a threesome... again this isn't what she need.

So she returns home, and we get the funniest moment of the film when her neighbor come to borrow sugar or something like that. All I will say is that he love himself way too much and would be more at his place in a gay film.

Finally, one week later a mysterious man enter in her apartment, and he is the one. She reaches the pleasure and it's the end.

I can't say much about this film but it seems to have a Cecil Howard connection, I guess that would explain why it is nowhere to be found. The film is mostly cast with unknown (even if some look familiar), Guy Thomas is the only known actor in the film and to be honest his career wasn't that big. 

The film per se is fine, not great but watchable. The problem is mostly the music who is way too invasive, often we don't hear the dialogue because it's too loud.

So nothing essential this time...

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  1. Actually, Guy Thomas had a relatively big career, just in a different field: