Thursday, February 6, 2020

Maneaters (1983)

Ray (Joey Silvera) is a New York lawyer and, truth be told, not the nicest guy around. We start at his office where he coerce a woman who came to see him to take his brother to have sex with him in exchange of his service.

Shauna Grant, her first film after a quartet of loops in the Golden Girls series
To make Ray even a awful human being there is also the fact that he is also married and neglect his wife. After celebrating their wedding anniversary, the phone rings... Ann's mother is very sick and she must go see her at hospital.

Kelly Nichols
Ray stays alone at home and he is visited by two women who are there for a party, looks like they are at the wrong place but they decide to have a little party of their own. After they leave and Ray goes to sleep... Surprise they are always there the next morning and Ray kick them out after threatening to call the police.

Tiffany Clark and Joanna Storm
During the evening he goes at Show World to change his mind and relax, we get a great montage of New York footage.

When he returns, he put some music to relax, go upstairs and, surprise, the two women from the previous night are there and they aren't alone. Indeed a mysterious woman is also there and she's from Ray past. It's time for a flashback and this is where we learn that the other woman is a prostitute of whom he stole her money. So everything that happened since the addresses mix-up was in fact a trick to blackmail him.

Jeanne Silver
Ray quickly realizes that the blackmail has nothing to do with the money, but this is all about treating him like a whore and it won't be a fun time for him... even if two more women join the group later.

Alexis X and Tish Ambrose
While Ray continues to be treated like a whore upstairs Randi and Nina have their fun with a delivery man. Later George Payne shown up for a fun cameo.

George Payne
When getting what they wanted the group leave and Ray stays defeated alone in the bed... he thinks that everything is over but it isn't... they called his wife and left all the pictures everywhere in the house.

Joey Silvera
As much as I am not a big fan of the works Fred Lincoln did in California later in his career this is quite the contrary for the ones he did on the East Coast. I really like this one... the casting is great, you are never sure of where the story is going to (for a while I thought it would be another version of Little Miss Innocence) which is always a sign of quality and there is that great montage of New York night footage. Too bad Lincoln didn't continue like this in California.

Like it was the case with Every Man's Fantasy Jeanne Silver is the shining star of the movie, yep even with all the big names on the screen. This is just great when she shows who is the boss and who is in control.

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