Friday, January 31, 2020

The Return of Johnny Wadd (1986)

Last film in the series starring John Holmes and this one was directed by Patty Rhodes. There are two different versions of this movie, the 1986 original (the one I watched) and a 1993 re-release who starts with an unrelated scenes and with more or less seven minutes cut from the original.

Now to be honest I didn't want to watch this film, but since I just recap the entire series I didn't have a choice to do so. But I won't waste any more times to do a recap, so I just write a short review...

John Holmes
Wadd is back at San Francisco after the murder of one of his close friend and he will investigate to find who is responsible for this and why it happened. Seriously this is about it...

Mai Lin
As I feared the film was cheap and awful... The story is pretty bad and generic (Raven Touchstone wrote better film than this). Many sex scenes are just there to fill a quota, sure the Wadd films of the seventies had a lot of sex but those were story related and they weren't there just because. 

Sheri St. Clair
Also it's shoot on video and it sure looks bad and this isn't necessarily because of this since many SOV adult films were visually adequate, but that one just look cheap. I won't talk about the action scenes who were all bad (the final confrontation was worst than bad... it was fucking insulting to the series).

Kimberly Carson
In fact watching this is more sad than anything... This isn't fun to watch John Holmes at the end of the rope. 

Only positive I can say is that Sheri St. Clair did a very good with her part and she outshines everyone else in this production.

Bunny Bleu
Unless you want to own the complete series of the Johnny Wadd films with John Holmes there is no reasons to get this. Feel free to skip it...

I can't imagine how bad the 1993 release can be...

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