Thursday, January 2, 2020

Justine: a Matter of Innocence (1980)

This East Coast production directed by Roberta Findlay and written by Cecil Howard and Ed Bucks shouldn't be confused with the Marquis de Sade's story, sure the main characters share the same name but this is all they shared. 

Of course Cecil Howard put himself in the film
After the death of her father Justine (Hillary Summers) inherits his total fortune, but she won't have the control of it until she became adult. So meanwhile her uncle (Ashley Moore) will take her at his house and take care of her.

Ashley Moore and Hillary Summers
Justine was sheltered all her life since she got all her education in private and boarding schools for girls, so she is quite innocent and does not mix with her cousin's friends activity... activities who will shock her when she will catch a glimpse of what they do behind close door. But on the other hand from this moment she will start to sexually fantasize about her uncle.

Rick Iverson and Robin Sane
Between her incestuous fantasies she collects the bad encounters. Whatever it is with the hiring help (but a guy who confess to like young girls have a good chance to be a creep) or her cousin or a date everything turn to be bad experiences.

Dave Ruby
Andy Hayes, the cousin who doesn't know that no means no
Rick Iverson
But everything ends well for Justine at the conclusion since she will realizes her fantasies with her uncle.

For years that film was unavailable unless you think awful bootlegs equal being available, but it was finally released this week on blue ray by Vinegar Syndrome (so this is a brand new release that I got just yesterday). As you can see from the captures the film looks great which isn't really a surprise and, as usual, they have included some extras (mainly a commentary with Roberta Findlay moderated by my friend Casey Scott).

Vanessa del Rio
Do I recommend the film? You bet I do since this is the best film with Skin Flicks released by the label in 2019. If you have never seen it, take a chance believe me you will not regret it.

Merle Michaels and Christie Ford
The best option is to buy the film directly from VS since if you go via the video on demand way all you will get is an awful ABA sourced from a tape.

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