Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Every Man's Fantasy (1983)

Today a hard to find Fred Lincoln's production... it isn't for nothing if I have no cover for that one. Since it's a movie stuck in the VHS era I can't complain but my copy is far from being complete, six minutes or so are missing, so it starts fast and cut abruptly.

We start with Johnny (Alan Adrian) introducing himself to a woman in a very romantic manner saying "hey gorgeous wants to fuck?" 

Looks like that didn't worked at all 😲
After this trip in the car's trunk he wakes up blindfolded and chained, since it's Alan Adrian we have a good idea of what will follow...

Jeanne Silver
If you thought a male domination movie you were right... so there isn't much to say since it's humiliation and "beating" time for Johnny.

Tiffany Clark
Jeanne Silver and Joanna Storm
Like I said my copy is incomplete and the end is strange, it looks like it starts all over again since we get the abduction of Johnny all over again.

Not the genre of movie I normally review, but with that cast it was hard to not do so. At least that was different from the average S&M production since it's an actress who is normally the dominated one and not the male. Also there aren't a single typical love scene in this, even the scene between Jeanne Silver and Joanna Storm is a domination one but more gentle.

Not that I didn't like it, on the contrary, but this is certainly not for the casual adult film watcher since there is some rough stuff on the screen.

I wouldn't say that this is "every man's fantasy" but yeah that sound like something quite arousing to try... at least once in your life.

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