Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heavenly Desires (1979)

After my long absence of almost 2 weeks I decided to come back with a comedy of Jourdan Alexander (Little Orphan Dusty) starring Seka and Serena. So in this movie they are two ghosts recruited by the devil (Johnnie Keyes) to help two students (Hillary Summers and Dani Williams) to lose their virginity. If they succeed the gates of hell will open for them, but if they fail the destination will be the Heaven and the boring harp performances for eternity. As I am not a big fan of Seka (I do not understand  what was so special about her) my expectations were low. Luckily she is not the focus of the film and it's for the better. So the film focus primarily on the two students and their boyfriend (Mike Ranger and Jon Martin). Aubrey Nichols, Eileen Wells and Liza Dwyer are also part of the female cast, Johnny Hardin has a dual role rather amusing and Jamie Gillis has a short role. If you are observant you will see Lisa De Leeuw among the students. I found this movie rather enjoyable, but the final orgy is ridiculously long and badly filmed (which makes the scene rather boring). I am lucky enough to have a full version of this film who is no longer available since a long time. What has been cut, even on the second release on video, is a fisting scene between Serena and Eileen Wells, Dani Williams (scene very successfully done).

This film is available through Excalibur Films and even incomplete the film is still interesting.

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