Friday, March 19, 2010

Rollerbabies (1976)

As usual with the films of Carter Stevens we have another winner with this one. The story is set in a future where  the sexual relations has become illegal (not a really funny future if you ask me), but where by cons pornography is present on television and endorsed by the government. The scenario is not very complicated, but two scenes certainly compensate for the simplistic story. Firstly the one between Alan Marlowe and Terri Hall probably the most messy fellatio I've ever seen with a huge amount of yogurt and whipped cream used. But the second is probably what made the movie for me... the telepathic fellatio. I have no idea how this was done, but it's certainly the strangest thing I ever saw in an adult movie. Strangely the roller skates sex which is the main point of the movie did nothing for me. It is also interesting to see Susan McBain in a too rare starring role, another film in which she is the star is Candy lips but I sure not recommend this film in any way. If you have watched The Opening of Misty Beethoven the music will be certainly familiar to your ears and it will be hard to not think at it while watching.
This film is available on the website of Barely Used DVD for a very low price. But I sure hope to see it released by After Hour Cinema on another collection of Carter Stevens' films (the two they did at this date are top quality).

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