Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Defiance of Good (1974)

I wanted to watch this movie since I read about it in The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry and the many good recommendations that I received about this film. For a rare occasion despite the high expectations that I had the film worked perfectly with me. I can't say anything else except that I place this one in the same category that The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Through the Looking Glass and The Taking of Christina are in which for me are movie masterpieces. What makes the greatness of this film is how the subject is treated, I don't think I make a big revelation by stating that this film deals with the sadomasochism. This theme appears frequently in many works of the seventies, but usually there is nothing erotic in what we see on the screen (which is not a critic as I like these movies occasionally). The act of gradually inserting this element in the scenario is what allows us to immerse ourselves gradually in the story and identify ourselves with the character of Cathy (Jean Jennings). From the beginning we feel that there is a problem in the familly dynamics with a mother who is a strict religious fanatic and a father who has no backbone (what is inferred because the family is not really referenced ). The problems started when Cathy was surprised by her mother while using cocaine with a friend (Day Jason) and she will be placed under obvervation in a clinic for a fortnight (which is certainly an overreaction but this is another story). This clinic is especially strange either with the inmates (the scene in the community hall is particularly weird and creepy) or its employees. So when after a night rape by a trio of inmates (Alan Marlowe, Jason Russell and someone I don't know), Cathy left the clinic and is transferred at the Dr. Gabriel's (Fred Lincoln) private clinic we breathe a little and we are confident that everything will now be for the best. It will not take long to realize that we are in the wrong and the worst is yet to come for Cathy. I will say no more except that more surprises are in store for the viewer... I must confess that I was impressed by the performance of Jean Jennings (I don't particularly like her usually since her voice irritates me), but for a first real role this is a tour de force. Fred Lincoln's gives a performance all in nuance and I must admit that it's his best performance I have seen. Without major role Jamie Gillis, Sonny Landham, Day Jason, Turk Turpin (he is the creepy nurse from the first clinic) and a multitude of characters actors (except for Sandi Foxx and Mark Stevens I know none of the others) give also good performance. This is really an important work very well written and acted with a particullary good musical score composed by Jack Justis (he is responsible for the score of many Joe Sarno's films).
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